OpenMD.life Cloud Desktop

		Launch a Toolbar ⇗

		Launch a Vertical Toolbar ⇗

		The Toolbar launches the OpenMD.life 
		cloud desktop for machine teaching 
		and clinical decision support. 

		Access the Toolbar at the bottom of
		every page.

		Or press T on your Keyboard to launch
		a Toolbar from anywhere on OpenMD.life

		Try it now.

The Toolbar... launch ⇗ ...links to OpenMD.life, Homescreen.life and the Utilities. On large screens the Toolbar appears when the mouse is near the bottom of the screen. Deactivate the Toolbar with this icon in the bottom left corner. Activate the Toolbar with this icon On small screens it is deactivated by default. Launching the Toolbar Just press T on your keyboard. Launch ⇗ the Toolbar in a floating window and use it like a Controller for OpenMD.life cloud desktop. You can also copy and paste it on your own webpage or custom dashboard. Mission Driven Creators Serving the Highest Calling This page Toolbar.life